Science, Bitch!

Article by Skyler Spartan, Pictures by Justin Old

What gets you excited? I could tell you what gets me excited, but this really isn’t about me. It’s about a guy named Justin Old. What gets Justin excited, opening the door to walk out into his garage and seeing his orange beauty, a ’95 Honda del Sol SiR. What’s your dream car? Lamborghini? Ferrari? For Justin, it’s his del Sol. It’s everything he’s ever wanted. For starters, it’s rare. It’s a genuine RHD, non-transtop car, which Justin was fond of, since he didn’t want to mess with having to fix nearly impossible to find parts should they malfunction. It was already the color he wanted, which was a big bonus. Not that he couldn’t fix that should it be a problem, being that Justin is a fabricator at a local automotive restoration body shop.

Now, this car wasn’t easy to find, as I mentioned before, but Justin enjoyed a fair share of rides on the path to finding this beautiful machine. Having grown up working on cars and hanging out in the pits with his family on the weekends at the dirt track or at the drag strip. They were hoping everything they had taught him about the glory of the muscle car had rubbed off, and it had…just not in the way they had expected. Instead, Justin’s first car was an ’89 CR-X, which for a first car this was a great start, although his family wasn’t exactly thrilled that it wasn’t a fire breathing V8 powered classic of some sort. In fact, Justin never got a single compliment on any of his cars until he brought this del Sol home. Amazingly, the number of cars he’s owned is somewhere around 30, so when Justin got his old man into the passenger seat and showed him what the turbocharged B16 would do, it was refreshing, not to mention somewhat unexpected, to get some positive feedback. You see, Justin’s dad was not aware of how much a turbo could do for such a small engine.


This is apparently still a secret among muscle car gurus. Justin discovered this when one day he decided to pull into PepBoys where there happened to be a car show going on, only to find a turbo S2000 on a mobile dyno getting ready to make a pull. One of the dyno assistants saw Justin also had a turbo setup on the del Sol and asked him what kind of power the car might put down. Justin, not being familiar with the S2000 said, “I don’t know, maybe 500hp or so.” The dyno worker was quite skeptical…until the car laid down over 700hp. It’s all in the science, though. Put it together right and it’ll do amazing things. In Justin’s case, his car is put together right, and it turns heads extraordinarily well.

You see, when he first got the car, it was missing a lot of interior parts and pieces, which, for a RHD del Sol, aren’t exactly easy to find items. However, Justin, as it turns out, is also a magician and was able to make these things appear, and into the car they went. Oh, but that’s not all! He decided to shave the bay, tuck the bay, paint the bay…Hell, he probably spent more time in the bay than he did with his special lady friend while the bay was under the knife. Long story short, it’s a good looking bay. However, Justin loves to innovate, so it’s no surprise this stunner is like nothing else you’ll see on the road. From its Zebra wrapped Bride Zeta III replica seats to the Work NR4 custom Zebra print hydrodipped wheels, and even the 100% custom made wooden steering wheel that was created to match the wheel design of the NR4’s, this car is very much ahead of the curve. Justin’s well planned out and executed build also includes a Cusco roll cage that is paint matched to the engine bay, and a turbo, valve cover and charge pipes that are paint matched to the car’s body color. It’s all tied together very, very well, and sits on a Tein coilover system with bits from Omni and ASR holding things together on the underside.

Of course, a true project car is never done, and Justin is back at it again, tearing the car apart once again this winter to change some things up and give the car a new look for next year. What will the new season bring? Keep an eye out for Justin and his drool-worthy del Sol and find out for yourself! I know I look forward to it. –TF.


-B16a, powder coated black
-LSD tranny, powder coated black
-Hasport solid mounts, powder coated black
-Tucked harness
-Tucked break lines
-Aluminum radiator, powder coated black
-Top mount manifold
-6 braided fuel lines, tucked
-AEM fuel rail
-AEM fule pressure regulator
-Fuel pressure guage
-Custom extended tophats
-Fully shaved bay
-Juiced Melon mint green color
-3″ stainless hood exit exhaust/dump tube
-Tial wastegate
-Greddy BOV
-Powder coated steering rack

-Tangerine Orange Metallic color
-Bumper moldings
-EG2 headlight/taillights
-One of a kind custom spoiler

-Tein Fullbody coilovers
-Omni LCAs
-Drilled rotors
-ARP extended wheel studs
-10mm Kics spacers
-Kics lugnuts
-Work NR4 wheels (only set in the US)
-Wheels hydrodipped zebra print
-ASR subframe brace, paint matched mint

-Bride zeta III replicas, wrapped in zebra
-Custom steering wheel
-Buddy Club shift
-Circuit Hero extension
-Mugen shift knob
-Mugen pedals
-Cusco cage, paint matched
-Battery relocated under the dash


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