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This car, is No. 2 of 8 built by a collaboration between  Honda , Mugen, and King Motorsports ( now Jim Dentici Motorsports Group ), when Soichiro Honda  decided Honda needed a presence in SCCA racing in America. Two Mugen engineers were sent to live in the U.S. to develop the engine and drive train. ( The head engineer was Tenji Sakai, who would later be in charge of Honda’s F1 engine program ) These cars were built with the best of everything, the engine is MUGEN from valve cover to dry-sump pan, and the gearbox is Acura with a beautifully polished set of MUGEN close-ration gears.  1990 cost was $ 40,000 dollars, not including the drive trains furnished by Honda at an approximate cost of $ 35,000 each. They won the SCCA National Championship in either GT-3 or GTL in 1989, 1990,1991, 1992, 1993, 2006, 2007, and 2013. Seven still exist, 5 in the US, 2 overseas, 1 destroyed. One unique feature is opening doors, allowing easier entrance and exit, a rarity in a GT class car.
This is a 3 owner car, raced in 14 races only by the first owner ( have the logbook ), never driven by the second, and present owners only one track day in 2003 ( Beaver Run ) ,and the parade/touring laps at the 2012 Mitty at Road Atlanta. All the other 6 still race, but have been continuously modified over the years till the present day. This car is the only totally original one left.
While this car could be Vintage raced , or brought up to current standards by JDMG to be nationally competitive, it is big piece of Honda Racing history , it is probably too valuable, and should be  in a collection.  Getting it ready for a testing or a track day would require only a new set of slicks and fuel.

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