Someday I plan on attending a Wekfest or Eibach! Need to start planning for the future.

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Damn, these just seem really dated now with all that has gone on in the last month or so. The trouble with having both Eibach and Wekfest LA so close together is that it adds to the bulk of work I already had from my Japan trip. There are a few builds that go to both events too so it can feel a bit redundant. I think many of the guys realize that though so they always have either a completely new set-up for the show, or they come out with some new additions for Wekfest LA. To be perfectly honest with you guys, I feel like the Los Angeles Wekfest event is quickly surpassing the Norcal show as the front-runner for the best event in the nation. The Norcal event has long been considered the “Super Bowl” of the series but the LA show is getting incredibly popular. More…

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