Wekfest San Jose 2015 Coverage…Part 1…

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Awesome Coverage from WekFest in San Jose!!! Check it out: http://stickydiljoe.com/2015/07/22/wekfest-san-jose-2015-coverage-part-1/#more-7284

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Simplify. That’s been a big word for me lately. I think that in the past couple of months, maybe even for much of 2015, I’ve just been trying to do everything. I’ve been cramming so much into my days that it has become quite difficult to keep up with everything. Honestly, I know the photo content has been cut down a bit and the coverage has been less lengthy. Some would find that a good thing, but I know many of you who are used to how the site “used to be” would rather have things remain as they were. Bulky coverage with good photos has always been my thing, as well as being able to tell a story. I think that is what differentiates this place from other sites. With the introduction of the Vlog series, things have shifted a bit. It’s not a bad thing and I…

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