TruForm. is an all inclusive automotive enthusiast organization centered around not just the vehicles, but the people who own them. You can find us at


Our community has been growing a lot recently, and we are greatful to have such a good group of people that can call TruForm. their preferred automotive forum. We want to reach out to more people over a broader area in order to expand our horizons and make this type of public forum accessible to those who think they’re stuck with the ones they have, which typically revolve around social networking more than they do automotive, and will commonly have a lot of trash talk and bashing going on as well.

Organizational Overview

Conceptualized in 2007, TruForm. started out as a small group of friends who wanted to be able to get together and have a good time with car enthusiasts without the trouble associated with cliques. In the area that TruForm. was originally created, there has been trouble with people taking sides and talking trash. There is a difference between friendly competition and malice, and TruForm. wants to be able to tear down those walls and bring people together to enjoy each others’ company because when it all boils down, we’re just a bunch of car nuts anyhow, so why not enjoy each others’ company, right?  TruFormOnline. was created because we wanted to create an area where people could come to talk cars/trucks, etc. without having to worry about being bashed for their ideas and opinions of how or why they decide to build their car the way they do. We keep things light-hearted and try to get along with everyone that comes to our forum and meets.

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